#6 Before Happily Ever After

I have recently been cast as Edmund Pevensie in “Narnia”, and I am writing this post to let my anxiety/ excitement/ and worry out.

I have approximately 130 lines/lyrics to learn in this show and I just got the script! I have been studying my lines for about a week and I have about 15 of them memorized. You see why I’m anxious and worried? The shows are on April 4th, 5th, 6th7th, and 8th. Should I try to recite my lines in order?… I think I will:

1st Line Guess: I want to go home!- Wrong   Actual Line: Who cares?

2nd Line Guess: I want to go home, to London- Half Right   Actual Line: I don’t care about windows and doors! I want to go home to London.

3rd Line Guess: I want to go home!- Right!

Okay, so I need some work… but at least I know the basic gist of things!

My feelings are mixed before every show, but this one especially because I have a major role and lots of lines, and it’s professional theatre. I am feeling excited, that I will get to share my voice with everyone and entertain people, but I’m really nervous too. My friends, family, acquaintances, and there friends and family are coming to the show, and it’s scary to perform live theatre, because if you mess up… you can’t go back and do it again, you have to improvise and fix the problem. Most of the time the audience can’t tell when an actor messes up, but sometimes, you freeze up and can’t think of anything to cover for it.

If you have any suggestions for memorizing lines quickly, or getting rid of worries and nerves, please comment!

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One thought on “#6 Before Happily Ever After

  1. I wrote my lines on notecards(: It helps(:

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