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#1 A Lesson on Auditioning!

Hello! My name is Brett Rawlings and I am an actor, singer, dancer, and a pretty good photographer. I will be posting pictures from my Kodak easyshare touch camera and I really hope enjoy this blog. So anyways, let me start my first post… A Lesson on Auditioning!

Look out, they are all around you:

When you are going to audition for anything from an ad for a local toy store to a Broadway show, you always need to be joyful and happy.  The minute you walk into the building you need to have a smile on your face and be confident. At this point, there could be directors, casting agents, and employees anywhere around you. Yeah that’s right, that rude remark to your mom wasn’t as funny as you thought, because the guy in the elevator just so happened to be the casting agent for your audition. That “audition” you were going on didn’t go so well and the casting people kicked you out! That wouldn’t have happened if you would’ve just been a “smile and wave” kind of person. Hopefully this dosen’t happen to you, but it has happened before… so WATCH OUT!


There is no need to be nervous, especially if you have done this before because the nerves are all in your head, you control your body and its actions. Instead of freaking out about how bad you are going to do, or forget a line, focus on the good things and believe in yourself.  If you are so nervous you are sick, then you probably shouldn’t audition for things too often, if that’s how nervous you are at the audition… what do you think you will be like at the real deal?

Look the part:

If you are wanting to go on an audition, then you need to go on an audition that you would be good at.


  • a 50 year old man SHOULDN’T go on audition for a skateboarding commercial
  • an elderly woman SHOULDN’T go on an audition for a Twinkle Toes Shoe commercial
  • a 20-30 year old man SHOULD go on an audition for a new shaving cream
  • a little boy/girl SHOULD go on an audition for Pop-Tarts

There are some exceptions, for example the Oreo’s commercial with a little boy and his grandpa, they needed a little boy and a grandpa, but they probably would’ve gone with a young persons voice and an animated picture, or a group of children at a party if it was a normal Oreo’s commercial. If you are slobby, unorganized, old cat man/lady, that lives in their parents basement… don’t try out for a Soap Opera… please.

Confidence is in the voice: 

Yes that’s right, if you have to sing at your audition, you HAVE to be confident, and can’t stress that enough. Don’t be shy, introduce yourself, move round the stage a little bit, and sing out! SING OUT! If you stand up there and barely fathom any sound from your mouth, the judges/directors will be thinking to themselves… “NEXT!!!!” Don’t stand there like a soldier either, for one thing it can cause you to lock your knees which makes you pass out, but it’s also very boring for your audience. If the judges/directors ask you questions, have energy in your voice and have a smile on your face. No one wants to work with you if you are constantly talking, screaming, in a bad mood, or not paying attention because it’s not worth their time and energy to put up with you.

Well, that was just a quick couple of tips in acting.


-How To Get Arrested (a motivational story for actors breaking into Hollywood) Author: Michael J. Wallach.  Prices (on average)– $11.95/ U.S   $13.25/ Canada

~Brett Rawlings~