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#2 My Youtube Channel!

I have a YouTube channel! I post random videos with my friends and my performances. Check it out!!!


  • BreadCowzArt
  • SevenPurpleNinjas0
  • ActSingDanceBrett
  • Brett22Zach23
  • TheTreeO3

Thank you so much for coming to my blog, since I don’t have a Facebook and Twitter (like my mother…) I don’t get as many views as her blog… so I would appreciate you telling your friends and family! Thank you.

KONY 2012:

I can’t believe this CRAZY event has been going on for so long! If you don’t know what KONY 2012 is… go to YouTube as search “Kony 2012” (also, while your’e on YouTube, go to my channel *wink wink*) and just watch the 30-minute long video.

Thanks again for coming to my blog, and have a great Spring Break!