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#7 Wizard of Oz

Hello! I haven’t been on in awhile because I’m a pretty busy person! Sorry! 

Anyways, about a week or two ago my brother, my mom, and I auditioned for Wizard of Oz at The Culture House and it was so much fun! We sang our songs for the directors and did a little jig afterwards. None of us got called back, which meant that we had already been cast or we didn’t get in (Which I’m pretty sure wasn’t allowed). A week after callbacks they posted the cast list! Here’s our parts:

Mom- Munchkinland Scenery, Wife in Emerald City

Brother- Munchkin, Child in Emerald City

Me- Mayor of Munchkinland, Flying Monkey, Teen in Emerald City

So, we are VERY excited about our parts, but you may be wondering… What’s Munchkinland Scenery?

Well, my friend, that is where the people are the trees blowing in the wind and the grass blowing around. If you still don’ get the picture, here’s a video that will have stuff they are doing:

So there you go!

One of my best-friends , is going to be playing Dorothy in the show, so we are VERY VERY VERY excited for her! I will be posting picture of the rehearsal process, shows, and lots of other fun stuff in the future! The shows are July 26th- July 28th… so I will be getting that beloved Facebook a day after it’s over! (because that’s my birthday)

As Mayor of the Munchkin City, In the County of the Land of Oz, I say goodbye to you most regally.

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