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#5 I Went to Uganda Today…

So today was pretty fun! I visited Africa, and I saw all sorts of things! When I first got there I was excited to see the hippos. But then, I saw a polar bear… RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS PLACE! Everyone was crowded around him, since everyone was shocked to see a polar bear here! Anyways, lets get on with the story.

When we first got to Africa, there were birds EVERYWHERE, I recorded one in it’s usual routine, scratching it’s neck, dipping it’s head in the water, and then flapping it’s wings violently. The second we turned around all of the birds flew towards our direction and were about 2 centimeters away from our heads.  There were also white swan-like birds, and blue shiny ones with a touch of metallic orange. My favorite one was the ugly duck, because it was by itself in a little pond.

We kept walking and there were 3 cheetahs laying in the shade. They were my brothers favorite animal, so we watched them do noting for awhile. There were also giant pig things that blended in with the rocks, so I couldn’t tell what they were. We kept walking and found a deer-like creature that was the size of my dog. All of us loved the animal, because it ran around really fast away from us.

After we passed that area through Africa, we saw giant birds and a humongous tortoise. They said that the tortoise’s could grow up to be 500lbs! They did absolutely nothing. This was a much more exotic part of Africa than others. There were hippo’s, zebra’s, rhino’s, and even some cute little ferrets! The ferrets were one of my favorites because they played games with me, like peek-a-boo.

We kept walking until my brother realized we were in Uganda, and for any of you who know about Joseph Kony, this was extremely dangerous. We quickly went through Uganda, but we saw wild dogs, and baboons. Or at least I think they were baboons. We watched these baboons for awhile and as the baby was digging in the dirt, the older two were off in a corner. I started watching the older two, and one of them started sniffing the other ones bottom.  Well, I don’t think the bottom-sniff victim was to happy because he lifted his leg up, and peed all over the bottom-sniffers face. That was the highlight of my day in Africa.

Well, we survived Uganda! It was a long way back to where our group had started, and boy, had I got a work out. My legs were killing me, but we continued to see the elephants. The elephants poop was everywhere and reeked. After that was over, we continued to walk right by the polar bear, which was still in the same spot, doing the same thing. I realized that the day I thought wasn’t going to be very fun, turned out to be great! I can’t wait to go back to Africa, and maybe we could visit Australia too!

Oh, I forgot to mention… I was at the Kansas City Zoo!

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